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Hello, the name's Nerdy. Welcome to my blog I guess. Lots of anime and random stuff.

I like to do lots of things. I like to debate and read. I also like to write and draw and learn new things.

Obsessed with Nezumi curently, for some reason. I think it's uncurable.

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  • Baby:


  • Shion:

    nezumi come quick she's saying her first words!!

  • Baby:


  • Shion:

    b-ball? Ball, is that what you're trying to say?

  • Baby:


  • Shion:


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PLEASE take a moment to imagine aph iceland telling aph sweden a joke and berwald standing there with a straight face for three seconds before chuckling and then full out laughing and please also imagine the proud look on icelands face after this happens. thank u for your time



listen when guys layer shirts like this


that’s actually all it takes once that happens i don’t even need to hear him speak i don’t care what kind of music he likes or how he feels about obama or how many potential stds he has just give me that shirt on a guy and the next scene in our lives will be a wedding i am the definition of easy i just need some layered fabrics

I did this once and it was the only time a girl ever complimented me on my outfit